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Jatenergy Limited (JAT) is an Australian listed company that specialises in investment and trade. The company undertook a business transformation in 2015, expanding its field to fast moving consumer goods in Australia and China. From simply being a product agent to the formation of self-owned brands and supply chain integration, JAT became Australia’s leading investment and trading company in just a period of three years. Its sharp observation towards the consumer market and advancing arrangement, offered JAT the chance to expand itself to the world and is continuing to progress further.

For many years, JAT has always been devoting itself into the expansion and establishment of China’s general offline trading channels, representing as the main agency for Australia’s top one supermarket industry’s self-owned brand. Products of its proprietary brand – Neurio – have all entered China’s offline retail outlets as well as online stores. Following the acquisition of Green Forest, an offline sales network has formed covering Australia, Hong Kong, mainland China, parts of the Southeast Asia region, and is to be further expanded.

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