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Neurio is an independent brand originated in Australia and New Zealand, with a complete product chain under JAT. The brand focuses on the overall health of children, pregnant women and the foetuses. Simultaneously, Neurio pays attention to the health of the middle-aged and the elderly. The brand aims to develop products that could reverse and reduce memory loss, prevent and cure senile dementia, comprehensively supplement the nutritional needs of the middle-aged and elderly, in all attempts to enhance the immunity of the elderly.

In 2015, Neurio’s R&D team successfully launched its modulated milk powder with lactoferrin, the product soon became popular for lactoferrin’s magical powder of immunity enhancement, known as the “super-human-body guard”. However, only 1 gram of lactoferrin can be extracted from every 14kg of cattle milk, making it the “golden milk powder”.

Neurio has now completed the entire series covering babies’ physical growth, (such as Neurio baby formula goat milk powder, Neurio lactoferrin modulated milk powder etc.), intellectual development (such as Neurio DHA, ARA, sialic acid etc.), immune function (such as Neurio lactoferrin, sialic acid etc.), gastrointestinal health care (Neurio prebiotics, probiotics etc.), and the nutritional needs of the middle-aged and elderly (such as Neurio formulated middle-aged nutritional powder with lactoferrin).

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