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Since Neurio’s establishment more than a decade ago, our management and R&D team have been adhering to the concept of “New for You, Health for You” for our clients. In an attempt to bring healthcare a less mysterious concept for the public, and dietary supplements readily available in the daily life.


Neurio is constantly researching and developing more advanced high-standard healthy food. One of the most profound product launches has to be our Rikachi Lactoferrin Formulated Powder, where only 1 gram of lactoferrin can be extracted from 14kg of cattle milk, allowing such rare material to be easily accessible to households. 

With the advantage of Australia’s pollution-free environment, alongside the usage of its natural resources, Neurio has been focusing on the concept of infant healthcare. Through producing milk powder with the utmost quality globally, we aim to provide infants the earliest and most comprehensive cares physically and intellectually.


Today, our product lines have covered physical care (e.g. Neurio Calcium, Iron and Zinc Supplements), intellectual development (e.g. Neurio DHA), immunity enhancement (Neurio Rikachi Lactoferrin Formulated Powder with Lactoferrin), gastrointestinal care (Neurio Probiotics) and other important healthcare products.


Neurio will continue to explore and pursue the frontier of healthcare, to provide healthier and better products to those who are seeking.

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