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Neurio is an independent brand originated in Australia and New Zealand, with a complete product chain under JAT. The brand focuses on the overall health of children, pregnant women and the foetuses. Simultaneously, Neurio pays attention to the health of the middle-aged and the elderly. The brand aims to develop products that could reverse and reduce memory loss, prevent and cure senile dementia, comprehensively supplement the nutritional needs of the middle-aged and elderly, in all attempts to enhance the immunity of the elderly.

In 2015, Neurio’s R&D team successfully launched its modulated milk powder with lactoferrin, the product soon became popular for lactoferrin’s magical powder of immunity enhancement, known as the “super-human-body guard”. However, only 1 gram of lactoferrin can be extracted from every 14kg of cattle milk, making it the “golden milk powder”. More

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